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As an experienced Social Media Manager, I specialise in the professional management of fan pages on social media platforms. I offer effective strategies, creative content, and comprehensive management.
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About Me

In my journey through the world of Social Media, I have gained over 10 years of experience. I specialise in events, promotions, reach campaigns, and optimization of ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Creativity, which I use to achieve the best results while reducing advertising costs, is highly valued in my work. Moreover, I appreciate the opportunity to share knowledge and train those who want to delve into the secrets of marketing.

Professionally, I am a lawyer with a passion for social media. The combination of my legal knowledge and passion for social media provides a solid foundation for effective cooperation.

Additionally, I am the founder of mocmediow.pl and stronoteka.pl, where I and my team deliver top-notch services, always with the best interests of our clients in mind.

Social Media Manager.

I will take care of the comprehensive management of your accounts on Facebook and Instagram. My actions will include planning content that will not only attract attention but also encourage interaction. I will improve the coherence, readability, and efficiency of your accounts while maintaining constant contact with the audience. Social Media Management will be adapted to organic actions, without the need for an advertising budget.
Detailed Scope

Social Media Advertising.

Advertising on social media is an investment that will attract new viewers and customers. I will allocate a budget to achieve specific goals through advertising campaigns targeted at active users of Facebook and Instagram, potentially interested in your products or services. Investing in ads is a key step in acquiring new customers.
Detailed Scope

Full Service (Social Media + Ads).

I will plan posts, conduct advertising campaigns tailored to your goals, improve the efficiency and coherence of your accounts. I will ensure constant communication with your audience, using advertising tools and consistently striving to achieve the set goals. My offer includes both organic and paid activities, ensuring continuous contact and effective acquisition of new customers.
Detailed Scope

My Brands Portfolio

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Moc Mediów
Moc Mediów

Moc Mediów specialises in website development, online marketing campaigns and SEO optimisation. Their approach focuses on combining innovative technology with creative design to deliver solutions that not only attract attention, but are also effective in in promoting brand values and engaging users. Moc Mediów tailors its strategies to the individual clients' needs, increasing their visibility and effectiveness in the digital world. For more details, visit their website: MocMediow.pl.


Stronoteka specialises in creating unique, inspiring websites, tailored to individual needs of its clients, using the latest technologies and design trends. Their approach ensures, that each website is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also efficient and easy to manage, which underlines their commitment to creative responsiveness and an effective online presence. For more details, visit their website: stronoteka.pl.

I provide not only effective strategies but also numerous positive reviews from clients.

Join them now!

"Thanks to the comprehensive management of social profiles, my company gained visibility and customer engagement."
Krystian Mazurek
"We significantly improved our online presence thanks to effective advertising campaigns and professional fanpage management."
Paweł & Klaudia
"Our online presence significantly increased, attracting the attention of new customers and increasing engagement with existing ones."
Łukasz Zalewski


I help because
I love to.

Even if you are not my client yet.

Oskar "Oscanre" Pytka
Social Media Manager

MocMediow.pl - Interactive Agency
Stronoteka.pl - Websites That Inspire

Professional Social Media Management for your Company

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